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When you want quality, experience, and precision in grinding tools, you don't have to look further for tempered steel durable CBN tools than Diagrind near Aurora, IL. Our multitude of grinding tools and bonding systems have outperformed customers' expectations for more than 40 years. Carrying a standard line of products available upon request, you can get a tool customized to fit the exact needs of your specific jobs. We can produce tools that match jobs with sizes ranging from .030" to 3" and any amount of bonding systems, including our signature VM Bond. Our bonding systems guide is available online and for download for review when ordering your grinding tools and knowing which bonding system you need. We are always here by phone or email if you need assistance.

Grinding small internal diameters can be a huge problem. Still, our diamond and tempered steel durable CBN tools at Diagrind Aurora, IL, are custom engineered and refined to deliver solutions for even the most challenging applications. Diagrind tempered steel durable CBN tools offer a unique construction, with steel heads sintered to the carbide, maximizing precision and rigidity in operation. Diagrind in IL manufactures an excellent line of quality Cubic Boron Nitride products. CBN tooling provides increased tool life, superior surface finish, and dimensional control while enabling you to hold a closer tolerance and is application-specific. Call the Diagrind applications specialist with your project to make sure you get the right match for your application and start propelling your business forward.

Tempered steel CBN tools are durable and available when visiting Diagrind, near Aurora, IL. CBN is the second hardest material, closest to the hardness of diamond, and is widely used for grinding steels.

CBN is fast replacing conventional abrasives for precision grinding of hardened steels due to its low rate of wear and the ability to hold size tolerance on the parts produced closely. Because of its chemical qualities, CBN has no affinity for low carbon steels, being widely utilized for grinding high-speed steels. You can find the durable tempered steel CBN tools you need at Diagrind, Aurora, IL. Initially offering only diamond tools, Diagrind jumped forward to tempered steel CBN tools when General Electric synthesized cubic boron nitride as the second hardest material on the planet and paved the way for creating an abrasive that could grind the most rigid steel with the same effectiveness that diamond ground carbide.

You want the best outcome possible for your grinding job, and with all Diagrind products, custom sizes and shapes are available upon request. Call one of the Diagrind team members, or send an email message with questions about our products, custom designs, and bonding systems. We can help with your selection based on the project, and you'll be pleased with your results. Diagrind is also a supplier for various quality and precision CBN grinding tools needs such as Cone-Shaped Tools, W8 Straight Tools, 1A1 Section Wheels, etc. Use the Ordering Information Guide or get a quote online quickly. Most of the services we provide can be delivered online, whether you have questions you need to be answered about Diagrind's tempered steel CBN tools in Aurora, IL, or you need assistance with selecting the correct bonding system for your project. Our team holds the tradition of precision and innovation and is committed to the task of remaining on the cutting edge of the internal grinding industry. The Diagrind founder's son, Michael Sommer, proudly took the reigns into his father's position in 1996, continuing with the company's values and bringing the same passion for excellence that has allowed Diagrind to prosper for its entire tenure.

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