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  • Superabrasive Grinding Tools from Diagrind

    Internal Grinding Tools for All Your Needs

    Diagrind has been specializing in superabrasive internal grinding for over 40 years. Grinding small internal diameters can be a BIG problem, but our diamond and CBN tools are custom engineered and refined to provide solutions for the toughest applications.

Internal grinding is a difficult task.  The advent of superabrasives in the mid-20th century provided a solution with a much higher degree of effectiveness than could be affected by a standard abrasive tool.  Diagrind was founded on the principal of providing the ultimate in resilience and precision in a grinding tool, and our signature vitreous metal (VM) bond is the perfect compliment to the unrivaled performance of diamond and CBN abrasives.  We carry a standard line of products, available upon request, but we specialize in customizing tools to fit the precise needs of precise jobs.  Diagrind can match a tool to a job utilizing our size range from .030” to 3” and any number of bonding systems – including VM, Resin, Metal, Vitrified, as well as Electroplated.  Diagrind tools are mounted on carbide shanks, for maximum rigidity and performance when precision is key. 

We have built our business by solving the toughest grinding problems our customers can provide, and with a knowledge base dating back to the introduction of superabrasive grinding, our expertise and experience can custom craft a tool to fit almost any job.

  • Signature VM bond
  • Diamond and CBN superior to standard abrasives
  • Size range from .030” to 3”
  • Bonding systems: resin, metal, and vitrified also available
  • Electroplated tools on carbide shanks
  • Carbide shanks on all tools

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