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Diagrind was birthed in problem-solving.  In 1967, Ingolf Sneva was looking for a product that could more effectively and efficiently grind the carbide dies his company produced…a problem he solved himself.  The vitreous metal (VM) bonding system he developed, paired with the industrial diamond from industry leader General Electric, remains as the core of the company almost 60 years later, albeit with some modernizing tweaks along the way.

Hours of testing and fine tuning gave Sneva the performance he was seeking, and the resultant product was so good, he decided to found a company based upon his solution.  Diagrind has been solving problems ever since.

Super hard steels and alloys were the next problem to be addressed, so utilizing General Electric’s developing cubic boron nitride (CBN) technology, Diagrind was able to pair its VM bond with that abrasive to form a line of product parallel to its successful diamond line.

With the technology established to address grinding issues across the spectrum of non-ferrous (diamond) and ferrous (CBN), the next problem to solve was that of size. Diagrind’s specialty has always been internal grinding…a precise and inherently difficult operation.  Hole sizes will vary with each application, but a line of standard tooling was created offering incremental diameters from .026” up to 3” that are kept on the shelf and immediately available to customers.  Of course, every job has its slight variances, and custom-made tools account for about 80% of Diagrind’s orders…be it a variation in head diameter or length, shank diameter or length, or grit size.  All of these variations are available for one goal:  solving problems.

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