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For the best in super abrasive grinding near Pittsburgh, PA, make Diagrind your number one choice. While other super abrasive manufactures may be popping up left and right, we have been in the superabrasive grinding business since its inception over 40-years ago. We are a true industry mainstay. Starting with the best diamond cutting tools near Pittsburgh, PA, and then progressing to the excellent CBN grinding tools available in the Pittsburgh, PA 15218 area, we have always been on the cutting edge of super abrasive tool production. Specializing in smaller tools from as small as .030’’ to 3” really gives us the upper hand when it comes to customized grinding jobs. The highly trained superabrasive grinding professionals within our company are dedicated to the precision and innovation of every tool we make. Our CBN tools can even be as small as .025” if the job calls for it! We pride ourselves on building superabrassive tools as tough and resilient as they come.

Grinding small internal diameters is extremely difficult, especially considering how every job is different. It is essential that you have the proper superabrasive grinding tools in Pittsburgh, PA. Our super abrasives are built for the long haul. The state-of-the-art CBN grinding wheels for sale in Pittsburgh, PA 53112 provide less filtering costs than others on the market and virtually eliminate wheel wear. The extreme efficiency of our unbeatable superabrasives is second to none. They will allow your company to significantly increase efficiency and output and decrease the need for extra machines on the floor. 

Diagrind is well versed in all different types of super abrasive grinding near Pittsburgh, PA as well. Starting with our signature VA bond to our vast array of other advanced bonding systems such as resin, vitrified, and metal, we promise to always have the right material for you. We absolutely have you covered from 1A8 style hole wheels to 1A1 style section wheels to cone-shaped tools. Our traditional W8 straight tool for sale in Pittsburgh, PA is the perfect tool for any internal grinding you need to be done. Available in various mandrel sizes, this tool is versatile enough to fit even the tightest of spots. The W8 Straight tool is also built with highly resilient carbide shanks for extra precision, as are our multitude of other custom grinding tools Pittsburgh, PA 15204 within our inventory. We also offer fantastic deals for superabrasive tools in the Pittsburgh, PA area, including healthy discounts on bulk orders for larger jobs.

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