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The best CBN tools near Pittsburgh, PA are made by Diagrind. Standard abrasives have quickly fallen out of favor within the industry. They just aren’t as strong and precise as tools made from Cubic Boron Nitride Pittsburgh, PA. This is the second strongest material on the planet. These are the tools that helped revolutionized the ever-growing abrasives industry. We have been a part of that growth since the beginning. Now more than ever, the automotive, aerospace, and medical fields are in need of high-quality tools that are strong enough to last a lifetime. The thermal expanding coefficient, thermal conductivity, and grinding ability of the Cubic Boron Nitride in one of our expertly constructed CBN grinding tools for sale in Pittsburgh, PA blows the competition out of the water. The tooling and filtering costs of our high-quality diamond and CBN grinding wheels available in Pittsburgh, PA are so low that it would be ridiculous to choose anything else. For custom grinding tools for sale in Pittsburgh, PA, our experienced team of superabrasive experts has your best interests at heart. You need to be precise when it comes to precision grinding. We understand that not every job is not the same. That’s why we will work with each individual customer to find the exact right tool for their specific job. That way, you know you’re getting the best superabrasives available in the Pittsburgh, PA 15218 area. 

Diagrind has the best selection of CBN cone-shaped tools for sale near Pittsburgh, PA 15220. These tools are made from our coveted standard VM bond and come in multiple sizes to choose from with a 60-degree included angle. The carbide shank mounts recessed into these low price CBN tools near Pittsburgh, PA helps increase their longevity and enhance their preciseness. These carefully crafted tools also come in diamond and a variety of different matrices.  With special sizes and shapes available upon request, you’ll always get the precise internal grinding tool that you want.

We didn’t become a top CBN tool manufacture serving Pittsburgh, PA 15112 and the surrounding areas overnight. Our success has been earned over 40-years of learning and growing with this industry since its infancy. Over the years, we have developed a very diverse inventory of top-of-the-line superabrasive grinding tools. We currently offer affordable 11v9 Cup Wheels

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