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Diagrind is the top superabrasive tool manufacturer when it comes to hardened steel grinding near Pittsburgh, PA. As the internal grinding industry has grown, so have we. The advent of superabrasives has taken the industry by storm, swiftly replacing regular abrasives. Over our 40-years, we have adapted as well. We offer the best superabrasive grinding tools in Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding areas. We have a wide array of tools available, from 1A8 style hole wheels to W8 style straight Tools to various cone-shaped diamond and CBN grinding tools for sale in Pittsburgh, PA. The most challenging jobs are often the smallest jobs. Not necessarily small in terms of the size of the job itself, but the space in which you are operating. Finding the right internal grinding tool to fit tight diameters can be a major headache. That’s why we made it our mission to solve that problem. Our expert toolmakers specialize in the production of tools between the sizes of .030” to 3”. The tools may be tiny, but the results are always a huge success.

Diagrind proudly offers top-notch standard and custom grinding tools for sale in Pittsburgh, PA 15224. We also offer a fantastic supply of T.J. Warren tools, including low price carbide burrs for Pittsburgh, PA. These precisely crafted tools are ground from tungsten carbide and designed for mold and steel die grinding Pittsburgh, PA. When it comes to steel die’s they can be up to a C60 Rockwell hardness, and these tools will be able to handle it with no sweat. Our stock tools even have end cutting teeth for no extra charge, and they are available in various head lengths to fit any possible job. The carbide shanks recessed deep within these affordable superabrasives in Pittsburgh, PA 15206 provide extreme precision unmatched by the competition for hardened steel grinding near Pittsburgh, PA. You can also get an excellent quantity discount on assorted Borazon and low price diamond mandrels in Pittsburgh, PA 15213, and the surrounding areas. These fantastic discounts include a whopping 15% off when you buy over 72 expertly crafted carbide burrs from the most trusted superabrasive toolmakers around. You will also get re-sharpening discounts on larger tools and 20% and smaller tools at 30% of the new tool price. You can also rework a longer than normal neck length for  40% - 50% of the new tool price.

The time and money saved when using one of our internal grinding tools for sale in Pittsburgh, PA is invaluable. You’ll quickly find a heavy increase in quality as well as productivity. Our electroplated grinding tools for sale near Pittsburgh, PA definitely make life much, much easier. Our easy-to-navigate website makes it simple to search through our entire inventory, place an order, or request a quote for a job. We’ve also included a helpful bond selection guide and order information guidelines to ensure you’re getting precisely the tool you need for your job. The premium superabrasive grinding tools available at Diagrind are absolutely perfect for hardened steel grinding near Pittsburgh, PA.

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