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Diagrind is the leading manufacturer of high-quality tools for internal grinding near Pittsburgh, PA. We are a tool manufacturing company you can trust. With over 40-years in the business,  we’ve seen it all. We were there when superabrasives took the industry by storm and changed everything. The usage of superabrasives within various industries such as the aerospace, medical and automotive fields is on the rise. From crankshaft, camshaft, and gear finishing in cars to various dental uses and even bone sawing within the medical industry, superabrasives are being relied upon heavily. Over the years, we’ve been able to change right along with the industry. 

Our signature vitreous metal (VM) bond ranks right up there with any CBN grinding wheel or diamond grinding wheel for sale in Pittsburgh, PA 15236. Internal grinding in Pittsburgh, PA can be very tricky if you aren’t using the right materials. Every tool we produce is guaranteed the ultimate precision to fit any variety of jobs. We specialize in creating tools within the size range of .030” to 3” because we have found that the most challenging jobs are when you find yourself working with a small diameter radius, and we are up for that challenge. While our standard collection of high-quality tools for carbide die grinding, finish grinding, and precision grinding in Pittsburgh, PA are fantastic, we are well aware not every job is the same. That’s why we are willing to sit down with every customer that walks through our doors to find the perfect custom grinding tools for sale in Pittsburgh, PA 15236 and the surrounding areas. Each one of our tools also comes in a variety of bonding systems. This includes vitrified, VM, metal, resin, and even electroplated. We have everything you need when it comes to superabrasives in Pittsburgh, PA. 

For Internal grinding near Pittsburgh, PA, the traditional Diagrind tool is our fantastic W8 straight tool. This tool comes with either diamond or CBN impregnated heads available in a multitude of bonding matrices, including, but not limited to, our signature VM bond, copper resin bonds, M1 metal bonds, and V2 vitrified bonds. Each W8 straight tool is also fixed with an extremely rigid carbide shank to enhance the grinding ability. To ensure the proper grit size is available, we offer 60-500 grits sizes furnished on standard wheels absolutely free. Our excellent deals on CBN grinding tools in Pittsburgh, PA 15217 are fantastic as well. Be sure to ask our highly knowledgable sales reps how to receive our many large quantity discounts available.

Our expert team would love to assist you in getting the perfect tools for your job in person, but if you can’t make it in, that’s totally fine. You can browse our entire inventory, request a quote, and place an order, all on our simple-to-navigate website. There is even an extremely helpful bonding guide available for download on our site to help ensure the selection process. The wealth of knowledge and experience at Diagrind makes us the best tool manufacturer for internal grinding near Pittsburgh, PA

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