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If your company is in need of the highest quality tools for superabrasive grinding near Rockford, IL, Diagrind is the place to go. When it comes to internal grinding, the extreme effectiveness of superabrasives is undeniable. In the mid-20th century, Superabrasives quickly surpassed regular abrasives as the go-to materials. Diamond grinding tools for sale in Rockford, IL, and tools made out of Cubic Boron Nitride Rockford, IL are the strongest materials in the world. They can literally last a lifetime. The best superabrasives available in Rockford, IL will increase your company’s efficiency and output as well as reduce your fixture and cooling costs. With lower fixture and cooling costs, you will be able to spend your budget on more valuable items such as more machines. This sounds all fine and good, but how do you know you’re getting the absolute best when it comes to affordable precision grinding tools near Rockford, IL?

Diagrind has been a top superabrasvie tool manufacturer serving Rockford, IL for over 40-years. We have been making and perfecting superabrasive grinding near Rockford, IL since the beginning. We even revolutionized the industry with our own signature vitreous metal (VM) bond, which works great alongside our top-notch diamond and CBN grinding tools for sale in Rockford, Illinois. Our vast collection of tools are excellent for steel die grinding, finish grinding, ID grinding, and any other types of internal grinding needed to get the job done. We have you covered from 1A1 style section wheels to 11v9 cup wheels, even electroplated grinding tools for sale in Rockford, IL. Our tools also come in a variety of bonding systems, including resin, vitrified, and metal. If you don’t find the exact size needed for your job within our inventory, don’t worry. We will make the best custom grinding tools in Rockford, IL to fit your job’s needs perfectly. Plus, every tool we make combines the unbeatable toughness and durability of the superabrasives with the resilient rigidity of our carbide shanks. This greatly enhances the precision of each instrument and ensures an excellent final outcome.

Not only are we the top producer of vitrified grinding tools, CBN grinding wheels, and ceramic grinding tools in Rockford, IL, we also offer great discounts on internal grinding tools for Rockford, IL, and the surrounding areas

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