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For the best CBN tools near Rockford, IL, choose Diagrind. Internal grinding is a complicated process. Grinding tools made from the two strongest materials on the planet, diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride, or superabrasives, have long surpassed the usage of regular abrasives. Internal grinding requires preciseness and extreme efficiency when it comes to the tools being used, and standard abrasives just aren’t cutting it anymore. We have become a top superabrasive tool manufacturer for Rockford, IL, because, after over 40-years in the industry, we have come to understand this better than our competition. Our tools for internal grinding in the Rockford, IL area are built to last a lifetime. We have developed our own signature vitreous metal (VM) bond that works exceptionally well when paired with the strength and unbeatable durability of the diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride. We also offer a number of different bonding systems such as vitrified, metal, resin, electroplated, and of course, our signature VM bond. Each tool we make is crafted with care and precision by our expert toolmakers to ensure perfection every time.

We understand that working within small diameters while internal grinding can result in a significant headache.  We want to be a solution to that problem. This is why we specialize in diamond grinding wheels and CBN grinding wheels in Rockford, IL, between the sizes of .030” and 3”. We’ve got you covered from 1A8 style hole wheels to 11V9 cut style wheels for sale in Rockford, IL. Our 1A1 style wheels are available in multiple bond systems and feature diamond or CBN on the periphery of a non-abrasive core. Various depths and sizes are available, and our expert toolmakers are always happy to provide customized CBN tools near Rockford, IL, to fit your needs. Diagrind also offers top-notch low price electroplated grinding tools for Rockford, IL, such as Diamond and CBN mandrels in Rockford, IL. These premium tools are also mounted on rigid carbide shanks and are designed for maximum stock removal of materials. The steel heads achieve maximum rigidity and precision by being sintered to the carbide, which always results in an excellent final product. Our standard stock sized can be found on our website, but as with any tool we sell, we will always work with our customers to produce the best custom grinding tools for Rockford, IL.

When you buy from us, we will do everything in our power to make sure your experience is as pleasant as possible. We will provide our expert advice and guide you in choosing the best superabrasive grinding tools for sale in Rockford, IL. If you are unable to talk to a representative in person, there is no need to worry. Our complete inventory is available online. We have also provided a beneficial bond selection guide and general outlines for your order to make sure all of the information is correct. Once everything is in order, you can leave the rest to us. The expert toolmakers at Diagrind always produce the best CBN tools near Rockford, IL that can fit any job.

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