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No one grinding tool is perfectly suited to every material and job. Professionals in the superabrasives industry know that each product has to be perfectly calibrated for its intended use. As such, for customers looking to take on a ceramic grinding project, there’s no better resource to rely on than Diagrind of Austin, TX.  Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals will take the time needed to understand your superabrasive needs. Once they have come to terms with your upcoming project, they will guide you through our selection of high-quality tools, all to ensure you walk out with a product that will grant maximum precision on your ceramic grinding job. With forty years of experience under Diagrind’s belt, you can rest assured that no team of professionals is better equipped to assist you than we are. And in an ever-changing field, rest assured that we are up to date on the most precise, cutting-edge superabrasive technology. When it comes to ceramic grinding, there’s no better place to turn for help than Diagrind at Austin, TX.

Even among ceramic grinding projects, no two jobs are the same. Each poses its unique challenges and specifications. As such, when undertaking a project that requires experience and precision, turn to Diagrind of Austin, TX for only the best quality tools. Despite their small size, grinding internal diameters is difficult and not without its fair share of risk. As such, we will put together the perfect superabrasive tool for the job. Aiming for a size in the range of .030” to 3”? We’re happy to accommodate any size. Not sure if diamond or CBN abrasives are right for this job? We have the experience to determine what’s best for your ceramic project. Unsure of which bonding system you would like to employ? We’re familiar with resin, metal, and vitrified systems which grant the greatest degree of precision. While plenty of retailers are happy to sell you any old superabrasive, only Diagrind of Austin, TX will fight tooth and nail to provide the perfect tool for you. And since providing high-quality tools for ceramic grinding is what we love, we are happy to assist with your next project. 

 While plenty of retailers are happy to put a superabrasive tool in your hand and send you out the door, Diagrind at Austin, TX wants to empower our customers in every way possible. And while providing quality ceramic tools is part of that process, so too is informing our client base. From the Diagrind website, we list our entire inventory of superabrasive grinding tools. That way, customers can come to grips with the products and services we offer without having to step through the door. Of course, should you have any questions, anyone is welcome to call in and speak with our experienced team over the phone. We are happy to better explain our products and provide advice on the individual needs of the project before you. Once all your concerns have been addressed, you are welcome to come in for the precision grinding tool of your choosing. In a field as complicated and flexible as superabrasives, Diagrind of Austin, TX wants to keep our customers as informed and confident in themselves as possible. That’s why there’s no better retailer for ceramic grinding tools in the state of Texas

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