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The ins and outs of internal grinding can take years to learn, even for a prodigious talent. That means selecting the right superabrasive product for any given job is a daunting take at the best of times. But thankfully for those in the Austin, TX area, you aren’t in it alone. Diagrind has over forty years of experience within the superabrasive field, during which we have constructed some of the highest quality, most precise internal grinding tools in the industry. Not only do we have an expansive inventory of grinding wheels and small tools, but we offer industry know-how to all of our customers. Need help finding the right tool for your project? Our exceptional customer service team is more than happy to point out the right high-quality product. Want to know more about superabrasive processes and products? We have plenty of experience to share. At the end of the day, no company provides better tools for precise internal grinding than Diagrind of Austin, TX. And our doors are always open to answer your questions or to put the right superabrasive tool into your hand. 

Diagrind at Austin, TX didn’t become the premier internal grinding retailer it is overnight. Our experience and quality line of products are the results of decades of research and development. And in an industry that’s constantly innovating, you can believe that Diagrind has helped helm that charge. In 1975, Peter and Donald Sommer purchased Ingolf Sneva's unique combination of abrasive tools and a vitreous metal bonding matrix. The Sommers, using their extensive manufacturing experience, synthesized this knowledge with General Electric’s recently discovered cubic boron nitride to create an array of internal grinding tools. And for the better part of these four decades, Diagrind has expanded on this technical foundation, creating more superabrasive products every year. By experimenting with different materials and bonding matrixes, we have created a range of products granting precision, safety, and overall quality in equal measure. Plenty of superabrasive retailers can put a tool in your hand. But only Diagrind of Austin, TX has the experience to provide the perfect tool for your internal grinding job. Why settle for anything short of the best when Diagrind will provide it quickly and at an affordable price?

Diagrind at Austin, TX’s commitment to making quality internal grinding products

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