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It’s no secret that the abrasives industry is ever-growing: incorporating new products and technology with every passing decade. But when you shop for CBN grinding tools in Austin, TX, there is no one more reliable than Diagrind. Our line of cubic boron nitride products has led the charge within the abrasives industry for decades, testifying to Diagrind’s unparalleled experience. As one of the hardest tools in the field, CBN tools offer resilience and quality matched only by diamond abrasives. And even then, their thermal conductivity grants a degree of precision and ease of use that renders them the best material on the market. And when you shop for CBN products at Diagrind, you know they come at a competitive price, too. And thanks to our expansive selection of tools of various sizes and bonding systems, we promise to provide the best CBN tools for you. It’s no secret that Diagrind offers quality, precision, and experience in line with the best CBN super abrasives on the market. As such, there’s no better retailer in Austin, TX you ought to team up with. 

Diagrind did not become the best purveyor of CBN grinding tools overnight. Our team's current prestige is owed to a decades-long pedigree of success and technical innovation. Forty years ago, Ingolf Sneva, owner of Ideal Carbide Die in Chicago, combined diamond abrasive tools with a vitreous metal bonding matrix. Peter and Donald Sommer purchased Sneva’s creation in 1975, using their manufacturing experience to expand the usage of this newfound product. However, when General Electric synthesized cubic boron nitride, the father-son duo embraced this new, high-quality product head-on. As the second hardest material on earth, the Sommers incorporated CBN into their wide range of internal grinding products, offering unprecedented precision and ease of use. Diagrind’s unrivaled inventory of smaller tools and internal grinding experience carved out a commercial niche no other company has been able to occupy.  Although Donald retired in 2021, his son has continued to uphold the company’s long tradition of success. As such, you will find no better source of CBN tools in Austin, TX than Diagrind; where precision, quality, and experience nest in our company’s very DNA. 

Because the best CBN tools are constructed for their respective job, our team eschews a one size fits all approach. That said, finding the right tool for an internal grinding job can be difficult and time-consuming at the best of times. That’s why Diagrind of Austin, TX strives to make the CBN tool selection process as simple and streamlined as possible. And to make that possible, some of our most valuable best services can be conducted online or over the phone. On our website, customers can request a quote, receive ordering information, or view a bond selection guide put together by our experienced team. Our entire inventory of high-quality products is also listed online, ensuring that you find the precise CBN tools you need. Our adherence to quality and convenience extends to every aspect of our company: from Diagrind’s dedication to material precision to our rigorous commitment to customer service. When you work with Diagrind of Austin, TX, you get more than impressive prices and reliability, you get the kind of experience that comes from doing decades of what we love.

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