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Industry experts have long known that internal grinding is often as difficult as it is dangerous. A successful grinding project requires expertise, the proper superabrasive tools, and every possible safety measure. And all of this is especially true if the job involves grinding hardened steel with precision. Thankfully for those in need, Diagrind of Austin, TX will provide you the tools and experience needed to complete any hardened steel grinding project. For over forty years, Diagrind has remained on the cutting edge of Superabrasive technology, developing new superabrasive tools and techniques with every passing year. As such, we are more than happy to provide the high-quality tools needed to complete any hardened steel project with the precision it demands. There are no denying facts: our team has remained on top of the superabrasive world for so long with good reason. Whatever your needs may be, Diagrind at Austin, TX is equipped with the experience and quality materials to help you grind your way through any amount of hardened steel. And it’s our pleasure to lend customers the help they need. 

Diagrind of Austin, TX’s forty years of experience has uniquely prepared us for the challenges of hardened steel grinding. And central to that preparation is the flexibility we bring to every job. Our tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all perfectly calibrated to the project put in front of us. We offer a selection of quality CBN and diamond tools, the two hardest substances introduced to the world of superabrasive tools, each capable of working steel with precision. And with a size range that falls between .030” to 3”, no internal diameter is too small for us to work. Pair this with an array of bonding systems, carbide shanks on all products, and our quality electroplated tools, and no other retailer can match Diagrind’s superabrasive precision. Many internal grinding retailers offer their customers options. But few match the experience Diagrind brings to the table. As such, there’s no better place to turn for a hardened steel grinding project than Diagrind of Austin, TX.

When it comes to grinding hardened steel, we can’t overstate the importance of choosing the correct tools for the job. And because Diagrind at Austin, TX will take every step to share our experience with customers, that doesn’t mean requiring that come into the store for help. Instead, we empower our customers to learn as much about superabrasive grinding and the services we remotely. As such, our entire inventory of quality internal grinding tools

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