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Diagrind always provides the most efficient and precise tools for ceramic grinding near Detroit, MI. The need for the perfect ceramic grinding tool is rapidly growing in the automotive industry, medical industry, and aerospace industry, to name a few. Medical equipment and certain car parts rely on these materials to function properly. The tricky thing about ceramic grinding is how brittle the material can be. If you were to grind too aggressively or use an incorrect tool, you could easily cause cracks and chips that will deem that part unusable. Without precisely the proper tool, your entire job can be at risk. This problem is compounded if you happen to be working with extremely tight diameters. That’s where our top Superabrasive grinding tool manufacturer serving Detroit, Michigan, and the surrounding areas comes in. Our meticulously crafted diamond-plated grinding tools and CBN grinding tools for sale in Detroit will always get the job done right. Our specialty is small internal grinding tools between .030” and 3”, so if you’re dealing with those pesky diameters, we will gladly craft the perfect tool to solve that problem. Each one of our custom grinding tools for sale in the Metro Detroit area comes in a variety of bonding systems. This includes vitrified, metal, resin, electroplated, and our signature vitreous metal (VM) bond and are mounted to rigid carbide shanks for the best performance every time.

Diagrind has a vast inventory of tools for ceramic grinding near Detroit. One such tool is our excellent diamond needle files. They are great for hardened steel and carbide materials as well. These small diamond grinding tools for sale in Detroit, Michigan are made with hardened steel and can always be customized to fit your job’s precise needs. They come in a variety of grit sizes and wear exceptionally well. We offer a variety of needle file types as well, including Square Files, Equalling Files, Warding files, Knife files, and much more! You will always have a vast selection to choose from. Thanks to the super-durable material, these files will last forever and help significantly reduce your tooling and fixture costs. Plus, we offer fantastic quantity discounts on various assorted sizes to make it a little easier on your wallet as well. This includes Borazon and Diamond Mandrels as well. 

Our website is full of helpful information, including our entire inventory. Before requesting a quote, you can search through our detailed bond selection guide to find the exact tool your job needs. We also have our helpful order information outline available to guide you further in your internal tool buying needs. We always want to ensure you get the perfect tool for every job, so don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our highly knowledgeable representatives with any questions you may have. With over 40-years of experience with Superabrasives, our staff will definitely be able to guide you in the right direction. Ceramic

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