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For the best Superabrasive grinding near Detroit, MI, Diagrind is the place to go for the highest quality tools in the industry. Internal grinding is extremely difficult, especially if you’re working with small diameters. One slight incorrect move or measurement can ruin an entire job. The proper tool is absolutely crucial. You don’t want to trust just any Superabrasive tool manufacturer. With over 40-years of Superabrasive grinding experience, our expert toolmakers have the experience and know-how to handle any job, from jig grinding to finish grinding to steel die grinding in the Detroit, Michigan area. We have you covered. Our diamond and CBN grinding tools are built with precision and resilience to handle any job. We even offer our signature vitreous metal bond (VM), which works amazingly well with the industry-standard Superabrasive grinding tools in Detroit, Michigan, and the surrounding areas. Our advanced bonding systems include Resin, Vitrified, metal, electroplated, and of course, our special VM bond. The standard line of tools we sell is also crafted with the highest quality possible, but we understand that not every job is the same. That’s why we will always sit down with every client to discuss their job and customize any tool to your specific requirements. So you are guaranteed the perfect, most precise custom grinding tool in Detroit, Michigan, and the surrounding areas. 

Tight spaces can be an absolute nightmare to work with when it comes to internal grinding. However, Diagrind makes it our goal to make even the most challenging jobs a cinch when it comes to Superabrasive grinding near Detroit, MI. This is why we specialize in small grinding tools between the sizes of .030” to 3”. These may be some of the toughest diameters to work with, but our tools are always up for the job. We carry everything from affordable 1A8 style hole wheels to cone tools to low price 11v9 Cup wheels. Our bread and butter are the traditional W8 style straight tools for sale in Detroit, Michigan, and the surrounding areas. These fantastic tools are perfect for a wide range of jobs. The impregnated head can be either diamond or cubic boron nitride (CBN) and is available in bonding matrices such as B1, B2, Copper resin, Rd2 & V2 Vitrified bonds, M1 metal, and our signature VM bond. The toughness of these tools is unmatched, plus they are incredibly rigid thanks to the resilient carbide shafts that come attached to every tool we sell.

Since its very inception, we’ve been in the Superabrasives business and have grown with it every step of the way. Our CBN and diamond plated tools for sale in Detroit, Michigan, and the surrounding areas are the perfect fit for any job. Don’t hesitate to stop by or call and talk to one of our expert toolmakers today. We offer great bulk discounts and expert customization for every job. If you can’t make it in, don’t worry. You can find every tool we sell on our website, along with a detailed bond selection and helpful order information guide to ensure you’re getting everything you need when you contact us for a quote. We want to make things as simple as possible every step of the way, from choosing the right tools to finishing the job correctly. That’s why Diagrind provides the best tools for Superabrasive grinding near Detroit, MI. 

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