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Diagrind has over 40 years of internal grinding experience, so if your company is in need of expertly crafted grinding tools in the Cincinnati, OH, area, don’t hesitate to contact our seasoned professionals. Internal grinding is an extremely difficult job. It involves extreme precision and efficiency to get the job done right, and that’s exactly what you will get from our tools. Our tools are made from the strongest materials in the world: Cubic Boron Nitride and diamond. These Superabrasive grinding tools last a lifetime, wear fantastically, and will definitely cut down on your production costs while increasing your output. The money you save overall by investing in our diamond and CBN grinding tools can be put into other parts of your company and lead to incredible growth. Each tool we make is mounted on a highly rigid carbide shank for enhanced performance and comes in a variety of bonding systems. This includes Resin, Vitrified, Metal, and Electroplated, as well as our signature vitreous metal (VM) bond. The smaller the space you’re working with, the more difficult the job becomes when it comes to internal grinding. There is very little room for error, and working with small diameters definitely increases the probability of something going wrong if you don’t have the proper tool. Luckily for you, small diameters are our specialty. Our expertly crafted Superabrasive tools range from .030” to 3”, so you will always find the perfect tools. While we sell standard sizes for all of our tools, we can always customize our inventory to fit your specific need. Don’t leave any room for error. Contact us today to find out how we can help make your next job a breeze.

With a massive inventory of precise and powerful internal grinding tools for sale near Cincinnati, OH, Diagrind should be your first and last choice. Our tools are perfect for everything from steel die grinding to jig grinding to finishing grinding in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area. We have a variety of tools, including our traditional W8 Style Straight Tools, and 1A1 Style Hole Wheels. We even have a great selection of cone-shaped tools. These tools are available in both CBN and diamond. While our standard cone-shaped tools come in our signature VM bond, we can also customize it using any of our other available bonding systems. They are mounted on recessed carbide shanks to increase the lifespan, precision, and rigidity. Our stock tools also come in four different sizes and 60-degree included angles, but if we need to adjust any of this to fit your specific job, that is absolutely doable.

Don’t wait to contact our team for a quote. If you cannot make it to our shop, feel free to search our entire inventory and request a quote on our website. However, before you hit send, don’t forget to check our extremely helpful Bond Selection Guide and Ordering Information Guidelines to ensure you are getting exactly what you need. When it comes to precise, high-quality internal grinding tools in the Cincinnati, OH, area, nobody beats our expert team of toolmakers at Diagrind.

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