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When it comes to Superabrasive grinding in the Cincinnati, OH, area, the experts at Diagrind have you covered. Our team has been in the Superabrasive grinding industry since the very beginning. With over 40 years of experience, you can always expect nothing but the best, most precise Superabrasive grinding tools capable of fitting any job. When it comes to internal grinding, strength and precision are essential. That’s exactly what you get with every tool produced by the expert toolmakers at Diagrind. Our expertly crafted CBN and diamond grinding tools for sale near Cincinnati, Ohio, come with various bonding systems. Depending on what your job needs, we can provide Resin, Vitrified, Metal, and Electroplated bonding systems that are all mounted of extremely rigid carbide shanks for the best, most precise performance possible. We also offer our signature vitreous metal bond (VM)  as well. No internal grinding job is easy, but it can be a disaster when dealing with extremely small diameters without the proper tools. One small crack or oversized tool can ruin the whole job. Luckily, small diameters are our specialty. While we can make tools to fit any size job, our sweet spot is .030’’ to 3’’. So if your company is dealing with an extremely difficult internal grinding job and need high-quality jig grinding, finish grinding, or ceramic grinding tools in the Cincinnati area, don’t hesitate to contact us.

While Diagrind always offers our standard set of Superabrasive grinding tools for sale near Cincinnati, OH, we can also customize them to fit any job. Our traditional W8 Style Straight Tools for sale in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area are designed to handle even the most challenging internal grinding jobs. Each tool comes with either a diamond or CBN impregnated head and is available in a number of different bonding matrices like Copper resin, M1 metal, RD2, V2 Vitrified, and of course, our signature VM bond. Each tool comes mounted on rigid carbide shakes for extra resiliency. Whichever bond you choose is guaranteed to combine with the extreme toughness of the Superabrasive for the best internal grinding experience in the industry. We have various stock sizes, but we can always customize any of our tools to fit your specific job. Our team members will always take the time to sit down with each client to come up with the perfect tool to suit each individual job. So don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote today!

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