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When it comes to durable CBN tools near Los Angeles, CA, Diagrind is the place to go for tools expertly built in the USA. Superabrasives took the internal grinding industry by storm in the mid-twentieth century. The increased effectiveness of these diamond and CBN grinding tools completely replaced standard abrasives as the go-to materials for internal grinding. Superabrasives have virtually eliminated wheel wear and lead to less expensive tooling and fixture costs, which is excellent for any company looking to save money. Diagrind was there to experience this shift from the very beginning. We are experts in the field that have been there since day one. Our USA built grinding tools are the most resilient and precise in the industry. Each tool can be made with any one of our high-quality bonding systems that include materials such as vitrified, metal, resin, electroplated, and our signature vitreous metal (VM) bond. These bonds work in perfect harmony with Superabrasive materials. We have even gone the extra mile to mount each of our tools onto carbide shanks for extreme rigidity, which makes for a much better and more precise performance every time. Our standard line of products is always available. However, we understand that every job is unique. That’s why we always work hand in hand with our clients to ensure we provide the perfect custom grinding tools for their specific job.

The durable USA built CBN tools manufactured by Diagrind for Los Angeles, CA, and the surrounding areas are unmatched by the competition. We understand that any internal grinding job is extremely difficult. However, when you’re dealing with small diameters, precision is absolutely crucial. It can be hard to find that perfectly constructed tool to get the job done just right. We can solve that problem at our top internal grinding wheel manufacturer serving Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Our team specializes in CBN and small diamond grinding tools between .030” and 3”. So if you have a difficult job with lots of small diameters, be sure to give us a call. We have everything from 1A8 Style Hole Wheels to 11V9 Cup wheels and everything in between. Our low-priced cone-shaped tools with carbide shanks are made from diamond and CBN and can be bonded with any number of the bonding matrices listed above, including the signature VM bond. These standard cone tools include a 60-degree angle and come in four different sizes. Of course, four sizes do not fit all, so our team is more than willing to customize each tool we sell to the exact specifications of your job.

You can find the perfect tool from our massive inventory listed on our website. Feel free to request a quote at any time. If you can’t make it in to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members in person, you can always request a quote on our website. There we have also listed our incredibly helpful Bond Selection Guide and Ordering Information Guidelines to assist in finding the exact specification and materials needed for your job. We also want to make sure all of our clients get the exact high-quality Superabrasive grinding tools that they need. That’s why if you’re looking for durable USA built CBN tools near Los Angeles, CA, Diagrind is the tool manufacturer for you!

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