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The professional toolmakers at Diagrind will always construct the perfect Superabrasive grinding tools for any job in the Cincinnati, OH area. Internal grinding is a very tricky job. You need to make sure you have the absolutely perfect tool for your specific job. Otherwise, you run a considerable risk of causing a lot of damage. Diagrind Inc. has been around since Superabrasve (Cubic Boron Nitride & Diamond) tools took the internal grinding industry by storm. We have perfected the Superabrasive grinding tool creation process. We offer tools in a number of bonding systems such as Resin, Metal, Electroplated, Vitrified, and our signature vitreous metal (VM) bond. These bonding systems are excellent compliments to the CBN and diamond abrasives needed for your job. We also mount each of our tools on extremely rigid carbide shanks to increase the precision and performance of every tool we sell. Precision is absolutely vital, especially when it comes to working with small diameters. Luckily, small diameters are our bread and butter. We specialize in small tools ranging from .030” to 3” so that you can get even the most challenging jobs done right. We offer a standard line of products, but our team is always willing to sit down and discuss your job’s exact needs. Our custom grinding tools are sure to make your next job much, much easier.

When it comes to high-quality Superabrasive grinding tools for sale near Cincinnati, OH, Diagrind has a massive inventory that is sure to fit your needs. Our traditional W8 Straight Tools for sale near Cincinnati, Ohio, come with either a diamond or CBN impregnated head and can be constructed using any one of our aforementioned bonding matrices. While we have a plethora of standard stock sizes available, our team can customize each tool to fit your specific needs. This includes the customization of special mandrel sizes and wheel shapes. We also provide 60-500 grit sizes on standard wheels for no additional costs. We also have unbeatable electroplated grinding tools. These are designed for the best stock removal on a large variety of materials. The unique construction of these diamond and CBN grinding tools feature a steel head combined with carbide shanks to increase the rigidity and precision of each tool. Whether you need a tool for jig grinding, finish grinding, steel die grinding, or anything in between, our team of experts will be able to customize the perfect grinding tool for you.

You can find out more about our massive inventory of high-end internal grinding tools on our website.

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