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The demand for high-quality CBN tools near Cincinnati, OH, is on the rise, and Diagrind always delivers just that. CBN internal grinding tools are all the rage in the medical, automotive, and aerospace industries. When creating the machines for these essential industries, precision is key. It can literally be the difference between life and death. So you always need to be using the best tools possible. That’s where our top Superabrasive grinding tool manufacturer near Cincinnati, OH, comes in. Our team is one you can trust, with nearly five decades of experience producing the highest quality diamond and CBN grinding tools in the industry. Each of our custom grinding tools for sale in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas comes with one of our extremely strong bonding matrices - metal, vitrified, resin, and electroplated. We also offer our signature vitreous metal bond (VM) that pairs perfectly with the strength of CBN and Diamond grinding tools. We even bond each tool with highly rigid carbide shanks to ensure maximum rigidity and precision for every job. Even if you are working within tight diameters, our team of expert toolmakers will always rise to the challenge. Our specialty is crafting internal grinding tools between .030” and 3”, so you will always be well prepared for even the most demanding grinding jobs. 

The high-quality CBN tools available at Diagrind near Cincinnati, OH, are great for any internal grinding job. We have excellent tools for finish grind, jig grinding, and even ceramic grinding near Cincinnati. We have low-priced cone-shaped tools, affordable W8 Style Straight tools, and even electroplated tools. Our unmatched lineup of electroplated grinding tools are single plated, and like the rest of our tools, come mounted on sturdy, rigid carbide shanks, so they are extremely precise. These tools are perfect for stock removal on just about any kind of material. Our affordable Diamond and CBN electroplated mandrels also come in s a variety of grit sizes. While each one of our tools comes in a standard stock size, we will gladly customize each tool to fit the specific parameters of your job. So do not hesitate to contact us today to find out how we can meet your internal grinding tool needs. Our team will always strive to ensure you receive the highest quality tools for very competitive prices. Don’t forget to ask about any bulk order discounts for your order.

You can learn all about our fantastic selection of Superabrasive grinding tools on our website. There you will also find our extremely helpful Bond Section Guide and Ordering Information Guidelines to ensure you always get the precise too with the exact bonding matrices that you need. Internal grinding is an extremely difficult job that relies on the craftsmanship and precision of every single tool to produce the highest quality possible. Our years of experience and commitment to each and every every detail is what makes Diagrind the number one Superabrasive tool manufacturer of high-quality CBN tools in the Cincinnati, OH, area.

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