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Diagrind precision grinding tools and wheels are designed to consistently achieve precise finishes and tight geometrical tolerances. No matter what you’re working with our precision internal grinding tools and wheels will stand up to today’s highest requirements in the industry guaranteed. At Diagrind based in the Illinois area we take pride in the tradition of precision and innovative application to grinding tools so visit us today for all your precision grinding tools and let our leading experts help you find the right grinding tools for you to accomplish the best and most accurate job. Our size ranges from 0.030” to 3” and our experts can custom craft a tool to fit any job.

Our inventory includes a large range of precision grinding tools including: , W8 Style Straight Tools1A8 Style Hole Wheels, 1A1 Style Section Tools, Cone-shaped Tools, 11V9 Cup Wheels, Plated Tools, and T.J. Martin Tools. What you need for the job we have. Specializing in smaller tools and the parameters required to properly and effectively execute tough internal grinding jobs is the area of our expertise. Diagrind fits into a niche with proficiency that few other companies can match meaning that if you select us for your high-quality precision grinding tools your completed job will be unmatched by any of your competitors out there doing the same job. So come to Diagrind today, based in the Illinois area, for high quality precision grinding tools to get the job done best. 

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